Brutus 750

The Brutus 750 offers performance and assured handling, as well as the exciting ability to be all things to all riders – along with a slice of Caterham DNA, where excitement is just a twist of the throttle away.

With its ability to be an on-road bike, an off-road machine or even a snowmobile, the Brutus delivers the ultimate in flexibility and riding simplicity thanks to a 750cc single-cylinder engine that delivers its power through an automatic gearbox. This machine provides all the thrills of a motorcycle but with the simplicity of a twist-and-go scooter.

So don’t let the raw, excitingly aggressive lines of the Brutus fool you. This is an ergonomically practical motorcycle, giving the rider comfort, while the chassis and powertrain – as well as that automatic transmission – means that this isn’t a motorcycle whose performance can only be enjoyed by experienced riders. This is a machine on which ease-of-use means all the performance and enjoyment is accessible to both novice and seasoned riders alike.

The Brutus 750 offers the unique ability to be an attitude-laden road machine, conquering the urban jungle with ease or offer riders a real spirit of adventure as an off-road motorcycle, where the fun only begins when you venture off the beaten track. Then – in just a matter of hours – you can convert the Brutus 750 into an exciting snowmobile. All these transformations occur thanks to the Brutus 750’s aftermarket conversion kit, or a swop of tyres, meaning riders can traverse sand, snow or tarmac, making the Brutus the first true multi-terrain motorcycle.

The Brutus 750 is a truly new-wave machine, melding the spirit of a motorcycle with the simplicity of the scooter and is the first motorcycle to truly offer simple fun and easy enjoyment on all terrains.